• Skin Needling


    Η μέθοδος Skin needling είναι μία πρωτοποριακή, μη επεμβατική τεχνική  που στοχεύει στη:
    •    Λείανση των ρυτίδων
    •    Θεραπεία της χαλάρωσης του δέρματος
    •    Βελτίωση των εμβυθίσεων της ακμής
    •    Βελτίωση της όψης των ραγάδων
    •    Λείανση ουλών.

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  • Skin Tightening + renewal with
    Fraxel Laser


    The most advanced method of tightening and revival of the skin is the method of Fraxel laser skin treatment. It is a non surgical treatment whose results are impressive and it can be applied to all skin types in various areas such as face, neck, breast and arms.

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  • Tripollar RF Body and Skin Treatment-
    Skin care and Tightening


    Skin care and tightening
    in the face and body with the advanced method Tripollar RF body and skin treatment.

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  • Hyaluronic Acid Injections


    Hyaluronic acid is a natural hydrophilic component of skin that controls the content of water, decelerates dispersion of water from the dermis area to the skin increasing the hydration of the skin, transfers proteins, increases skin resistance to harmful external factors, prevents the transformation of soluble collagen to insoluble and enhances the regenerative and healing capacity of the skin.

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  • Bloodless liposuction by using
    Cavitation method


    Learn everything about the most advanced method of bloodless liposuction by Cavitation and take advantage of its benefits, versus classic invasive liposuction.

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