What is Plastic Surgery

caduceus-medical-symbolThe term ‘plastic’ originates in the ancient greek word ‘mould’ that means give shape to something. Plastic surgery is the specialty of Medical Science that has as objective the correction of dysplacias and generally abnormalities in the human body, either they are caused by accidents (injuries, burnings etc) either by other causes (by birth, ageing etc).

Due to the progress of Medical Science in this field reconstuctive and aesthetic plastic surgery has been developed; reconstructive and aesthetic surgery procedures refer to the reconstruction and improvement of the outward appearance, without excluding the fact that they may serve functional objectives as well

The limits between reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery are indistinct as many procedures belong to both categories; this is why they are performed by specialized surgeons..


With regard to the scientific aspect two types can be distinguished:

With regard to the objective two types can be distinguished as well:
  • Face Surgery
  • Body Surgery