rhinoplastyRhinoplasty, aesthetic and functional, aims not only to improve the look, shape, size and the general aspect of a nose, but also to facilitate its function and promote free and smooth respiration. A successful rhinoplasty, boosts confidence, improves self-esteem and generally it brings a revolutionary positive effect on the way someone thinks, feels and acts in his daily life.

Nose is a central aesthetic element of the face and simultaneously the main functional part of the respiratory system. Sometimes is also needed the correction of the nasal septum or the excision of turbinates if respiration becomes difficult. The procedure can be carried out during adolescence if the anatomy of the nose has been fully developed.

The problems that are being treated are: curved back, wide nose, long nose, crooked nose, wide akrorinio, big nostrils, correction of a co-existing cleft lip, after nose injuries. During surgery local and usually total anesthesia is dispensed, depending on the extent of the procedure. The incisions are performed in the interior of each nostril and with specialized thin tools changes are being done on the cartilages and nasal bones or on the nasal septum and turbinates if there is difficulty during respiration. No skin is removed as it follows the skeleton of the nose easily. Finally, inside nostrils a special swamp is placed while on the outside a sling for protection is installed.

After the procedure limited swelling on eyelids could appear and painkillers are needed rarely. Stay at the clinic is required for one day, the removal of swamps is done the next day and of the sling in one week when swellings and bruises are limited. The result is permanent.