Breast augmentation (Implants)

Small breasts or asymmetry are due to congenital aplasia or hypoplasia, weight loss in combination to relatively small breasts, blowback after pregnancy. Breast augmentation is performed by using sterilized implants, which contain silicone gel or saline or a combination of both. Sizes are between 100 to 350 cm3. Their shape is discoid or ‘tear shaped’ and their cover is smooth or matte and of elastic composition of solid silicone.



2_breast_before 2_breast_after
Before After

Implants are tolerable from human body; they cause locally a reaction creating a thin ‘capsule’ of elastic tissue. They are being used for more than 50 years and their technology has been perfected. No case of cancer or other disease due to silicone implants has been observed. Before surgery clinical examination of breasts and a mammogram is carried out.

Total anesthesia is dispensed and the incision on skin (3 cm) is performed on the line under the breast, on the bottom half of nipple perimeter or at the armpit. A sheath is created that is analog to the implant either under the mammary gland either under the big chest muscle.  Finally, the incisions are stapled and the area is swathed.

After surgery antibiotics and analgesics are dispensed. A special bra is used after third day and for the period of one month. The result is directly visible and permanent. A slight edema subsides quickly.