Breast lift (lift-reduce)

Big and lying breasts are lifted and also become smaller, while small and lying breasts are simply lifted.

Big breasts can also be accompanied to breast pain, neck pain, back pain, kyphosis and frequent dermatitis under them. Special problems exist in the case of asymmetry and hyperplasia of one only breast. Usually, in the case of megalomastia also exists at a great percentage a ‘benign cystic mastitis’; therefore, before surgery a mammogram and an ultrasound proceeds so that malignant mammary gland can be excluded.

Before surgery an extensive design of the procedure in upright position precedes by using a marker.

During surgery total anesthesia is dispensed; in order to achieve symmetry of the breasts, size and place of the nipple at the desired shape, the surgeon removes as much skin-fat and mammary gland (reduction) or just skin (lift) is required. Removal of the nipple is performed without cutting it from the breast so that it can maintain its sensibility and its function of breastfeeding. Stapling is performed by using special stitches internally and on the skin. During breast reduce procedure drainage is being placed on each breast that is removed after 1-2 days.

The scars differ depending on the extent of the problem and they can be restricted on a circular scar around the nipple (it always exists) or be extended on a vertical or a curvy direction under the nipple; finally, they can be completed with a horizontal incision on the line under the breast. Scars and edema are obvious for a period of time. Rehabilitation of the scars depends on the patient and secondary on the techniques.

After surgery antibiotics and analgesics are dispensed and the area is swathed. A special bra is used after third day and for the period of one month. Stitches are removed in ten days.