BlepharoplastyEyes and eyelids participate in the total appearance of the face. Skin excess in the upper eyelids, ‘bags’ in the lower ones, wrinkles around the eyes, eyebrow drop demonstrate a premature aged face.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The incisions are made at the crease of the upper eyelids and a little lower from the eyelashes at the lower eyelids (or on the inside at the conjunctiva of lower eyelids by using LASER). Excess skin and fat from the ‘bags’ is removed. The marks of the incisions are not visible in 8-10 days and are hardly distinguished after a month.

After surgery there is a slight edema on the eyelids (cold compresses can help) and painkillers are not necessary. On the incisions, special thin stickers are situated and the stitches are removed in 5-6 days.

The result for the lower eyelids is usually permanent; while upper eyelids might need a slight correction after 10 years.

Eyebrow drop is confronted by frontal Lift. The wrinkles around the eyes are treated by LASER dermabrasion or other techniques that use implants of various materials.