Injection of Botulinum toxin (BOTOX)

botoxIt is the most widespread anti-ageing method. It deals with wrinkles successfully at the face, forehead and around the eyes.

Botulinume-toxine is a natural protein that has the ability to act on the muscles so that the transmission of nerve impulses is suspended. This prevents muscles from contracting. The contraction of the face muscles creates wrinkles at the forehead and around the eyes. The muscles don’t paralyze but just stop their slight contraction and the wrinkles disappear.

It is applied locally and it is not absorbed by the human body.

It is completely safe and the side effects are rare, reversible and of small duration. It addresses to men and women of any age, when the area of the forehead and around the eyes starts to seem tired and the expression wrinkles appear to be more intense.

The result becomes evident in 3-7 days after injection. The optimal result is achieved in one month. Its duration is from 3-6 months and it can be repeated. The therapy is considered to be successful when the result looks totally natural.

You can find more information in the following informative video: