Yaron Jeroen van OostromEars that protrude towards outside (‘protruding ears’), is a common case for women and men. 5% of the kids that are born in the world have protruding ears regardless of the race or the geographical region of earth, causing very often psychological problems to them.

The procedure can be carried out from the age of five, that is at preschool so that we avoid possible psychological problems at school. In fact, 4 out of 10 patients that have surgery for protruding ears are children of school age. Moreover, otoplasty is a very common plastic surgery for adult men.

The procedure, as it isn’t related to pain or to unpleasant postoperative situations, is carried out for adults by combining analgesia to local anesthesia (sedation) and for children by sedation or total anesthesia if the child is stressed or has extreme fear of surgery. When general anesthesia has to be done, preoperative tests such as CBC, cardiogram and chest x-ray are required. In the case of local anesthesia CBC is enough. For children under 12 years old general anesthesia is recommended.   

By making an incision at the skin behind the ear, the gristle is remade and is situated closer to the head.  
After surgery a bandage protects ears for a week and the result is permanent.