Tightening and regeneration of skin by using Fraxel Laser

fraxel laser skin treatment
The most advanced method of tightening and revival of the skin is the method of Fraxel laser skin treatment. It is a non surgical treatment whose results are impressive and it can be applied to all skin types in various areas such as face, neck, breast and arms.

It can repair skin damages owing to ageing, acne, extended exposure to the sun and generally to every problem that appears due to the lack of collagen.  Collagen is the main component of the process of skin regeneration and its lack causes scars, spots, blurriness, thin wrinkles, expression wrinkles and signs of looseness.

The advanced method Fraxel laser skin treatment activates the mechanism of collagen production giving skin the opportunity to revitalize naturally, removing upper skin layers that cause ageing signs.

The important advantages of this method, in opposition to other techniques, are:
  • Healing process is very fast.
  • Disruption of the daily activities of the patient is not required.
  • There is not an infection danger of the area that this method is applied to.
  • It does not affect skin structure like other laser technologies; thereby it can be applied even to the area of the chest.
  • This method activates the natural process of skin revival, so that the result lasts up to 6 months after treatment.
  • First results are visible at once.

How Fraxel Laser functions:
Fraxel laser beam is divided to many smaller beams that have smaller diameter than the diameter of the skin pores. These beams penetrate the exterior skin layer and are absorbed by the cells of the dermis region where the mechanism of skin revival has its base.epidermidaDue to the fact that the beam acts on a tiny section leaving the area around untouched, the natural revival mechanism is activated; therefore the production of collagen that is so important to the skin is activated as well. Thus, healing process is completed rapidly.

Altogether, every treatment covers 20-25% of the desired area.φώνται απο τα κύτταρα της περιοχής του χορίου, όπου και "εδράζεται" ο μηχανισμός ανάπλασης τους δέρματος.