Augmentation or reduction of the chin and cheekbones

luke_006People who appear hypoplasia at the area of cheekbones and the lower jaw bone can regain the symmetry of the lines of their face by using implants at the respective areas. The incisions for placing the implants are usually performed through the pituitary of the mouth under total or local anesthesia.

After the procedure an edema can appear, areas of ecchymosis and difficulty in opening the mouth completely that last a few weeks. A possible side effect can be the infection of the implant or its relocation from its proper place during surgery. The frequency of these complications is almost unimportant if the patient follows the after-surgery instructions. These procedures can be performed independently or in combination with other cosmetic procedures of the face such as facelift, rhinoplasty etc.

The reduction of the cheekbones and the jaw bone is a totally different process since usually the use of implants is not demanded and only fat tissue removal and reconstruction of the bone takes place.